As businesses grow ever more reliant on IT infrastructure, monitoring the infrastructure, and detecting and responding to security incidents become imperative for continued business operations.

However, organizations suffer from “alert fatigue” caused by flood of security alerts, lack of contextualization of the alerts, and high detection and response times.

The need of the hour is to have a solution that can monitor the infrastructure for security incidents , detect the incidents as soon as they occur, and remediate them quickly so as to minimize the business impact of the incidents.

Infosys Cyber Watch is a managed incident detection and response service. It is delivered as a comprehensive package that consists of SOC services powered by a proprietary technology platform. It is a ready-to-use solution that comes with a large library of built-in use cases and log source integrations, thereby providing deep visibility, automation, end-to-end lifecycle management, risk-based prioritization and orchestrated remediation, and containment responses to security incidents.

It offers quick path to security maturity encompassing:

Infosys Cyber Watch - A 24x7, scalable and pay per use Incident Management service


Challenges & Solutions

  • Pre-built, pre-tested technology stack eliminates need to procure individual products
  • Ready-to-use content in the form of use cases, playbooks, SOPs ensuring that solution will provide value quickly

  • Real-time log collection from various sources and performing incident detection and correlation using huge repository of use cases
  • Automated response using customizable playbooks
  • 24X7X365 support to triage, analyze, and provide recommendations to resolve security incidents

  • Infosys Cyber Watch provides flexibility to an ever-expanding IT ecosystem without affecting the overall cybersecurity exposure