With the rapid rise of digitization, the world is witnessing a period of technological upheaval. Cyber-attackers are spotting security gaps and are relentlessly targeting organizations. There is a dire need to secure operations and assets by validating the effectiveness of security controls and processes, identifying vulnerabilities, and gaining the support and advice needed to address these risks.

Whether an organization is confronting a criminal group, a state-sponsored actor, or an insider threat, it needs help to swiftly investigate, contain and defeat the attack within the network while minimizing the impact to business. When confronted with a breach, you need the best team by your side.

Infosys has partnered with Sygnia – A cyber technology and services company, providing high-end consulting and incident response support to offer comprehensive Breach Assessment and Advisory services that help organizations to be better prepared and recover fast in case of a breach.

Infosys and Sygnia’s technological depth, talent for anticipating attacks, and ability to leverage both commercially available capabilities and proprietary technologies is unparalleled. By deploying proficient cyber-experts, investigation specialists and major incident management governance experts, Infosys can effectively assist in countering security incidents, enhancing risk management, and accelerating business recovery.

Attain proactive response mechanism to contain breach and ensure minimal impact and disruption


Challenges & Solutions

We help our clients to assess and baseline the current threat posture, define and establish breach response process, investigate, contain security breaches and drive remediation and recovery

We conduct control maturity assessment, gap analysis, review roadmap definition and strategy for redefining the security posture. Infosys helps in proactive incident response preparedness to improve readiness and shorten response intervals.

Infosys offers Breach Assessment and Advisory services that enable organizations to establish processes, elevate their ability to respond to security incident and reduce time to recover