Cybersecurity or, the lack thereof, is the number one manmade worry for businesses. Cybercriminals are identifying security vulnerabilities and targeting businesses relentlessly via multiple attack vectors. To secure themselves and defend against cyberattacks, organizations invest in numerous cybersecurity products. Cybersecurity is, therefore, project-oriented, making it opaque, jargon-rich, complex, siloed, and reactive.

The lack of predictive cybersecurity coupled with persistent cyberattacks indicates that security and risk management leaders need to adopt an objective and unified risk management platform that will enable a proactive cybersecurity approach. Real-time cyber risk posture visibility across people, processes, technology, and third parties will help Security and Risk Management leaders understand how likely the organization is to be breached along with its potential financial impact.

De-jargonize cybersecurity for both internal and external stakeholders.


Infosys in partnership with SAFE Security helps businesses predict breaches and know the financial impact of a hack before it happens. Our API-first, Machine-learning enabled, Bayesian network-based risk quantification platform quantifies the likelihood of a breach and represents the enterprise-wide cyber risk posture through an objective and unified metric: the possible financial impact of a hack.


Challenges & Solutions

Organizations have numerous cybersecurity products in their hybrid environment, and every product has its own dashboard. Our solution acts as an "aggregator" that can pull in signals via APIs to reveal the real-time cyber risk posture and produce insights that will be contextual to a CISO / the board.

While organizations invest in cybersecurity products/services based on their cyber risk maturity, the investments should instead be based on their real-time risk posture. Our solution helps organizations make better decisions through visibility of cyber risks across people, process, technology, and third-party in real-time

Our solution provides a breach-likelihood prediction in the form of a real-time score between 0-5. This score represents the probability of a breach occurring and the financial impact of it on organizations. By representing cyber risks in financial terms, cybersecurity automatically becomes a business decision.