As cyber threats are on the rise and evolving at a rapid pace, it is fundamental and extremely critical to protect key pillars of the enterprise fabric which include workplace, network, workloads, apps & data, and cloud. In order to be risk resilient today, enterprises are willfully embarking on the journey of zero trust security adoption.

With the new world of perimeterless business culture CXOs are challenged to provide secured information access along with frictionless user experience. This is made possible by adopting Zero Trust Architecture and leveraging cutting edge technology solutions such as SASE.

As part of our endeavor to constantly alleviate our customer’s security posture and accelerate secured digital transformation, Infosys has partnered with Palo Alto Networks, a leading cybersecurity solution provider with a complete cloud delivered security platform to assure robust security of enterprise network perimeters, workloads & workplace, cloud, and secured access.

Palo Alto Networks

Enable secure and accelerated digital transformation for business growth


We have in tandem with Palo Alto Networks built key offerings and security capabilities that enable our clients to achieve accelerated vision realization.


Challenges & Solutions

By leveraging Prisma Cloud solution we help organizations secure their infrastructure, applications, data, and entitlements across the hybrid cloud infrastructure, all from a single unified platform.

Infosys in partnership with Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access helps customers gain secure access to all apps and protects them against threats emanating from the most sophisticated attacks. We ensure zero-trust access to corporate applications with unified user experience and simplified access with Palo Alto SASE solutions.

With intelligent next generation firewall technologies, we assure proactive real-time and inline zero-day protection. We enable organizations to stay ahead of attackers.

With Palo Alto Networks Cortex endpoint protection, detection, and response solutions along with NextGen threat intelligence and threat analytics capabilities, we deliver managed workplace and workload protection services.