Cloud security plays a major role in real-time threat detection and anticipation in the cloud ecosystem. It is applied for building a co-operative environment that instantly predicts threats through an enterprise based threat monitoring system and cautions all users under the cloud umbrella about threats. Designing, building and managing the cloud ecosystem securely guides the clients through their cloud migration and transformation journey.

Regular security assessment and audit services help to uncover security loopholes in the cloud platform, applications, and underlying infrastructure. Continuous compliance and monitoring help to monitor security risks and domestic/international regulatory compliances.

We at Infosys, help our clients in securing their cloud migration and transformation journey to build a cyber-resilient and compliant cloud ecosystem. We offer Cloud Security Strategy and Architecture services, Cloud Security Assessment Services, Cloud Security Governance, Cloud Security Solution – Implementation and Support, and Cloud Managed Security Services as part of our Cloud Security service line.

We help our clients secure their cloud migration and transformation journey by building a cyber resilient and compliant cloud eco-system


Challenges & Solutions

We help our clients to define cloud strategy and architecture in migration, green field and hybrid cloud implementations and operations.

Our consultants help you review the security of cloud migration readiness and roadmap definition, security assessment for cloud applications, cloud APIs and integrations, cloud forensics and e-discovery assessments. We also cover native controls and third party solution implementation as part of our solution.

We help you design and build cloud security governance policies and process frameworks, assess compliance with regulatory standards and identify gaps to be addressed for a robust cybersecurity posture.