The hybrid working model is becoming mainstream and hence it is essential to secure the Work from Anywhere (WFA) workforce. Organizations of all sizes across all industries need to provide their employees who are working from anywhere, a secure access to company assets. While on one hand, such a hybrid workplace works great in terms of offering agility to both enterprises and employees, on the other hand it creates major challenges to security teams as employees may not always have a secure connection. With the employees moving outside the enterprise perimeter, traditional tools/appliances are proving increasingly ineffective to secure today’s digital enterprise.

It is therefore imperative that organizations are now not only looking to simplify their cybersecurity architecture to reduce technology silos amongst multiple security solutions but also improve their security posture in the ubiquitous hybrid work environment today. With IT teams being stretched thin, there is a huge demand for simple secure access services that are easy to deploy with the option of scaling up or down along with intuitive end-user experience.

Simplified SASE adoption


Infosys in partnership with Zscaler offers managed, cloud-based, zero trust network access, delivering improved security ensuring increasing productivity, better user experience, and cost saving through better ROI


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys SASE offering powered by Zscaler enables enterprises centralized security administration with security controls on edge thereby allowing Ease of policy management such as update, administration, and reporting.

Infosys delivers comprehensive cloud protection through highly skilled and trained security professionals, minimizing the transition and transformation timelines with our holistic security assessment (Secure by Design) of existing workloads, applications, and data prior to cloud migration. Infosys has more than 200+ trained professions on Zscaler technologies to smoothen implementation and have stress free operations.

Zscaler SASE solutions not only brings agility to your organization’s security controls by moving security investments from capex to opex based solutions but also makes it easy to build security-first-culture that can scale with the changing needs of the business.