With the advent of advanced technologies, the world is getting hyper-connected and vulnerable to cybercrime. Besides, cyber attackers have become lethal as they resort to sophisticated tools and techniques to carry out data breaches and thefts. It’s imperative that enterprises build a holistic security program, which is data-driven, provides incident backgrounds and facilitates quick security decisions.

Infosys Cyber Intel provides comprehensive threat intelligence & analysis service. It is a platform powered service that gives strategic, operational and tactical intelligence while monitoring the threat landscape, brand reputation and IP leakage. It offers intelligence tailored for the enterprise, by selecting factors relevant to its current operations and environment. It also provides aggregated threat feeds such as malicious IPs and domains or malware signatures to security products like SIEM and firewall to assist in their respective alerting and blocking functions.

We provide threat information and analysis and proactively plan your security program to mitigate cyber threats


Infosys Cyber Intel service offers a quicker path to security maturity as compared to having an in-house threat intel program. It provides a single package solution that contains threat intel platforms, machine-readable threat feeds and services such as threat analysis, system integrations and customized threat intel for enterprises to plan proactively and strengthen their security posture.


Challenges & Solutions

  • Comprehensive threat management solution
  • Single solution that packages both technologies and analysis services
  • Ensures enterprises attain quick gains in threat management

  • Provides different types of intel for different audiences
  • Tactical intel for incident response teams to analyze incidents
  • Operational intel including alerts regarding prevalent attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Strategic intel to help with security planning and decision-making

  • Customized and tailored for the organization’s industry and geography
  • Infosys threat analysts carefully sift through the intel and pick what is relevant for the organization