Governance, Risk and Compliance

With enterprises transforming digitally, they incorporate multiple processes into their enterprise, thereby getting exposed to newer information security risks and a host of organizational challenges as they try to stay compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements.

Besides the regulatory requirements, stakeholders demand a higher degree of performance and transparency with respect to the business operations. The ever-increasing reliance on third parties in business activities is also a critical component of IT & associated risk for all modern organizations. These factors can be addressed through an effective GRC program that will help organizations to manage IT & security risks, reduce costs and meet compliance requirements.

An effective Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) framework enable the organizations to integrate different statutory and regulatory frameworks with the business processes, thus providing a holistic view of security posture to the management, helping them make informed decisions and mitigate information security risks effectively.

GRC policies and services empower companies to contrive, conduct, monitor, and measure the effectiveness of their security landscape. GRC services typically include cybersecurity gap assessment, risk assessment, and remediation, implementation, compliance readiness, and automation, etc. to safeguard organizations from the ever-increasing information security risk landscape.

We help our clients in establishing a comprehensive GRC program to address their current and future information security requirements. We ensure alignment between business requirements and information security policy design, strategy-driven risk management, and compliance management through streamlined processes. We build unified control frameworks, track legal and contractual requirements for assured business compliance, implement scalable GRC automation platform for effective and faster communication of controls, key policies, enterprise risk management, regulatory, and compliance management.

We offer Governance Services, Risk Services, Compliance Services and GRC Technology Management Services as part of our GRC service line.