Managed Security Services

Today, technology is evolving rapidly, and hackers are actionizing their deeds. Many organizations aren’t adequately prepared and wait until after a breach to implement processes and safeguard themselves from future cyber risks or attacks. Infosys CyberSecurity understands that all businesses are different and hence offers a flexible Managed Security Services (MSS) model that empowers organizations with people, processes, and technology to secure their critical assets and data. With our quality services, we assure that your data and infrastructure are protected with the latest technology and certified professionals, along with adherence to industry-specific compliance standards. As part of our MSS, we also offer a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to enterprises in the form of Cyber Next – Platform Powered Services that provides deep visibility into security events, capability for automated response to contain and remediate security anomalies, intelligence of latest threats that could damage business, proactive vulnerability management, and the ability to manage security and architecture compliance.

We help our clients to continually improve their cybersecurity maturity by leveraging our global network of Cyber Defense Centers powered by advanced security platforms. We offer Managed Identity Security Services, Managed Threat Detection and Response Services, Managed Vulnerability Management Services, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Managed Infrastructure Security Service, Managed Cloud Security Services, and Managed Emerging Technologies Services as part of our Managed Security Services portfolio.