With most companies' forecasting accuracy in the low sixties, carrying right inventory, at the right place, and time is nearly impossible. Leading to concurrent stockouts and surpluses of the same product across various locations and channels. The Infosys Order Orchestration solution allows CPG enterprises to fulfill orders with partner inventory by creating an endless inventory aisle.

Our solution empowers firms to fulfill orders from anywhere, any time. I It boosts fulfillment accuracy by automating end-to-end order and fulfillment process flows. Our AI-driven solution seamlessly integrates partner networks, fulfillment nodes and sales channels, which supports the Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere, Return Anywhere (BAFARA) model.

Unlock the possibilities to fulfill consumer demand with the power of connected networks

Minimize delivery timelines and enhance the customer experience.


Infosys Order Orchestration solution

Our solution drives omnichannel fulfillment by integrating network-wide fulfillment systems, distribution nodes, channel partners, dealers, and retailers.

Our cognitive omnichannel order orchestration solution allows CPG companies to:

  • Mitigate the risk of lost sales by opening new inventory sources to fulfill customer orders.
  • Enjoy real-time visibility into inventory at warehouses, dark stores, third-party provider facilities, and partner centers.
  • Support diverse fulfillment options, including drop shipment and automated order routing to the nearest fulfillment center.
  • Rationalize inventory carrying costs as well as the cost of fulfillment operations.

Challenges & Solutions

Smart replenishment addresses constraints of limited sourcing, supplier unpredictability and extended lead times to ensure product availability across categories, store formats and sales channels.

Intelligent order routing splits and routes orders to one or more fulfillment partners based on stock availability and customer proximity, thereby optimizing inventory.

Seamless Partner Network collaboration: AI-powered data harmonization of partner data with organizational hierarchies and batch integration ensures near real-time visibility into physical and virtual inventory.