Infosys empowers CPG enterprises to grow their B2B, B2B2C and D2C sales by leveraging commerce-as-a-service. Our headless digital commerce and marketing platform, Infosys Equinox, combines industry-specific capabilities, open-source technologies, modular microservices, and cloud APIs. This platform offers flexibility and speed for CPG enterprises to launch digital commerce within six weeks, and continually deliver innovation across digital experiences and consumer touchpoints. In addition, it ensures zero downtime and reduces average order processing time via API response time of less than 250 milliseconds.

Infosys Equinox drives end-to-end consumer journey mapping across the brand. with an any cloud, future-ready architecture. Our platform seamlessly integrates enterprise systems with partner ecosystems. The digital hub broadens brand engagement through subscription services and digital marketplaces, while powering mobile, social and conversational commerce. Further, our human-centric design delivers a hyper-personalized shopping experience across touchpoints.

Infosys Equinox allows CPG enterprises to advance their digital commerce journey by implementing specific microservices to manage global operations and acquire new capabilities, be it for product, order, inventory, or payment management. Our AI-based system enhances the efficiency of assisted selling applications such as chatbots and voice assistants, serves personalized product recommendations, and simplifies re-ordering for repeat customers. While out-of-the-box integrations enable rapid onboarding of new retail stores and distributors, marketplace syndication promptly routes orders to retail partners. Notably, our platform allows customization of product catalogs, pricing and promotions for high value partners and markets, while delivering a uniform brand experience.


Challenges & Solutions

Commerce capabilities integrate seamlessly with digital properties and share data with personalization engines, loyalty programs, marketing tools, CRM, ERP and more

API-driven commerce supports complex orchestration and rapid configuration of business logic across digital properties, customized to channel-specific use cases

Headless microservices commerce-enable content, microsites, mobile applications, social media, IoT and more. Endless aisle capabilities interoperate with existing systems to facilitate commerce across brand sites, channel partners and marketplaces