Enabling Real-time Demand Sensing with a Live Enterprise

As organizations increasingly turn to data to respond to changing market and customer demands, a new breed of enterprises is emerging -- the Live Enterprise. One that can sense and process information from the past and in real-time, efficiently, and intelligently. Data offers enterprises the power not just to transform themselves but also to transform the industries and markets they operate in. In short, it gives enterprises the potential to create memorable customer experiences, mitigate and manage risk, improve efficiencies, and identify new growth opportunities.

COVID-19 highlighted precisely this -- the opportunity that data offers and the gap between the potential and reality. While the last few weeks have underscored the absolute necessity of being able to respond on time and effectively, it has also highlighted an inability to do so. As consumers stock up on essentials and steer clear of the non-essentials, most retail and CPG companies have proved to be inadequately prepared. They have struggled with supply and demand management challenges such as acquiring POS data, cleansing, harmonizing varied data received from multiple retailers, and finally processing it centrally to derive insights to forecast demand accurately.

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Venkata Seshu Gulibhi
AVP - Delivery Head, Data and Analytics, Infosys