The Infosys Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) practice helps Food and Beverage (F&B) manufacturers and distribution companies increase market share by influencing lifestyle choices. We help you comply with food safety, packaging and labeling regulations.

Our data-driven ecosystem deciphers food habits of customer micro-segments, which empowers you to predict demand, manage inventory and offer better food choices. Track-and-trace features in our supply chain solutions mitigate risks. In addition, we implement smart labeling solutions to monitor and manage shelf life and minimize food wastage.

Infosys e-Commerce platforms drive on-the-go consumption.

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Success story: Kellogg simplifies internal collaboration

Infosys implemented an advanced web solution that replaced 2,000 legacy applications and provided multi-lingual support to the global workforce.

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Challenges & Solutions

Advanced analytical platform mines data across the product lifecycle and provides actionable insights for brand positioning and personalized marketing.

Functional and technology experts streamline supply chain operations while upholding quality and safety standards of food and beverages.