Infosys designs customer-friendly supply chains

Infosys IP achieves supply chain excellence by combining location and tracking services.

A nimble supply chain and streamlined workflow help retailers sense and respond to demand effectively. A responsive global supply chain fulfills demand while reducing the operational costs involved. The Infosys Retail practice uses patented processes and techniques to match demand with the availability of products on retail shelves.

Our indigenous model moves merchandise seamlessly across the supply chain. It calibrates the movement by matching anticipated demand with inventory at a store. Significantly, our transshipment program ensures better responsiveness to customer demand, higher productivity of labor, and increased profitability of the retail enterprise.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Infosys several patents in supply chain management:

System and method for determining location of a product item
Our theft and pilferage prevention mechanism captures radio frequency signals from identification tags to locate retail assets.

System and method for establishing transshipment of a product between stocking locations
The decentralized protocol and automated techniques in our transshipment system sense inventory deficit in stocking locations and respond to spikes in demand.

System and method for identifying and tracking shopping carts
Our method tracks shopping carts using video sensors to capture images and decodes data from identity plates on carts at the store.

RFID based product level availability
Our system uses pervasive technologies to facilitate inventory control by monitoring availability of products on retail shelves.

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