The Infosys Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) practice partners with home improvement products and houseware manufacturers to adopt digital tools for demand-driven supply chain operations. Advanced visualization, augmented reality and 3D simulation enable customers of furniture, home d├ęcor and kitchen fixtures to discover designs most suitable to their settings. In addition, it facilitates planogramming and retail store layout modification to attract shoppers.

Our omni-channel marketing and service strategies rationalize stock keeping units as well as working capital. We integrate order, warehouse, inventory, and campaign management to help you acquire omni-channel order fulfillment capability. Our automation solutions boost productivity and efficiency of distribution centers and warehouses.

Our digital supply chain solutions address the unique handling and storage requirements of specialty home improvement and gardening supplies. It mitigates the risk of shipping damage and subsequent cost of returns / replacements. Our product traceability solutions help you showcase sustainable sourcing and processing of products.

We create web portals for customer self-service via do-it-yourself videos, guidelines for assembly, etc.

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White paper: Rethink CPG

An incremental approach to innovation enables CPG enterprises to maximize business value from technology investment.

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Challenges & Solutions

Your sales assistants require ready access to product data to close deals on the store floor.

Integrated platforms simplify sales assistance, store layout planning, returns management, and after-sales services.

Enterprise-wide visibility into inventory and customer orders across sales channels enables informed decisions for order fulfillment.