According to e-Marketer, almost a fifth of all US retail spending will be online by 2024. This switch towards e-commerce was of course accelerated by the recent pandemic, but the big question now is: can CPG brands keep up? More online sales means more pressure on fulfilment – and more competition. Yet many organizations lack accurate, real-time data in order to manage inventory, forecast demand and optimize marketing spend. Fortunately partners like Infosys can help you bring your data under control and your operations up to speed – and help you start winning in e-commerce.


Challenges & Solutions

The value of that data can only be harnessed if it is consolidated and harmonized: it has to be converted from raw information into valuable insight that can be used to make better decisions and drive more effective e-commerce operations.

Our TradeEdge platform addresses this challenge by applying AI/ML algorithms to deliver actionable insights to sales, supply chain, marketing and finance teams, presenting information in a way that is convenient to CPG decision makers.

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