‘TradeEdge allows us the flexibility to integrate disparate data sources’: Mars

Infosys helped Mars manage market traceability across the supply chain. Ben Kreider, R&D Digital Transformation Director, Mars, discusses how the company addresses business problems and complies with regulatory standards while providing a unified user experience for stakeholders.

Infosys TradeEdge and value creation

Infosys enabled us to meet business requirements, says Ben Kreider, R&D Digital Transformation Director, Mars. It has helped Mars meet the needs of market traceability for the company’s digital supply chain initiative. Infosys TradeEdge absorbs and harmonizes data from multiple ERP and warehouse management systems in an agnostic manner, and provides a unified business consumption layer to business users.

Traceability transformation program made Mars an industry leader

The Traceability Transformation Program is being implemented globally across all Mars business segments, leveraging Agile ways of working in a decentralized business landscape. Mars is able to meet commitments despite restrictions arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

An industry example

The Traceability Transformation Program at Mars is a model for the industry. It demonstrates how traceability can be comprehensively addressed one-up and one-down in the supply chain. The business now knows where the finished goods are at any given moment, and can even hold or recall them.

Achieving a successful program

For a transformation program to succeed, the entire organization needs to be aligned with the program, from senior leadership to the field staff. It ensures successful execution and delivery, with issues being taken care of at the start.

The future of the supply chain

The supply chain transformation will need blending of data from disparate ERP or warehouse management systems, so companies must be prepared to be flexible. They should be able to absorb various data sources and connect them seamlessly, enabling the organization to work as one unified body.

Shifts in consumer behavior during the pandemic

Consumer shopping behavior has changed as a result of the pandemic. For instance, due to the shift from brick-and-mortar to online, impulse purchases have declined. To retain consumers, companies need to implement a direct-to-consumer strategy.

The importance of supply chain traceability

Consumer focus has shifted to sustainable sourcing and social responsibility. It has heightened the importance of traceability. Mars ensures that from a market traceability standpoint, it has visibility further upstream, with quasi-real-time data that supports traceability efforts. This is especially important when a company has to issue a product hold or recall.