Enterprise Resource Planning software is the engine that powers the day-to-day operations of an enterprise.

At, Infosys, we help our clients navigate their Digital Transformation journey by helping them invigorate their digital core with the required product knowledge, industry expertise, and deep system integration capabilities. Our comprehensive service offerings cover the full spectrum starting from impact assessment, creation of business case, to selection of the right ERP software and creation of ERP adoption strategy and roadmap. It covers planning, execution, and delivery of complex transformation programs including greenfield, brownfield, and hybrid implementations. It also covers application maintenance.

Empowering clients with ideal ERP for a strong digital core


To adapt to changing customer preferences, dynamic markets, and a volatile business environment, enterprises must become resilient be ‘live’ to new trends and threats within and beyond their ecosystem and make decisions at the speed of data. This calls for a robust digital core which supports modern and resilient business processes powered by the best-fit cloud ERP product.

Infosys has extensive ERP capabilities extending from process modernization to identification of the right product, to implementation and support.

We partner with leading ERP providers like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. We leverage these partnerships along with our product, domain and industry knowledge, and IP to ensure that our clients benefit from a strong digital core powered by the most suitable ERP product.


Challenges & Solutions

There is a plethora of options in the market but enterprises face challenges in selecting the best-fit product. Infosys has more than 20 years of experience in ERP and strong relationships with leading players including Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. Our consultants do a detailed study of your as-is business processes and map out the future state, suggesting the best-fit product and demonstrating the expected value through quick pilot programs. Clients can also leverage our innovation labs to co-create solutions quickly.

Infosys holds design thinking sessions to identify the right problems to solve. We modernize your processes by leveraging automation, AI/ML and implementing appropriate SaaS ERP products thus freeing the bandwidth of your executives so that they can focus on more strategic activities.

Global companies having multi-country operations is the norm in every business. In order to stay ahead, building resilient systems that are lightweight, easy to maintain, and perform optimally would be a key differentiator.

Infosys has developed templates for multiple industries with in-built best practices and country-specific regulations. Our global pool of consultants deploys these solutions in an agile manner causing minimal business disruption.