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The ubiquity of mobile commerce and social media has fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with CPG enterprises. Adopting direct to consumer strategy has become the need of the hour for CPG enterprises who want to enhance customer engagement and brand loyalty. To achieve this, CPG enterprises need to tap into vast amounts of data to deliver immersive and personalized customer experience, while building smarter supply chains that respond to changing consumer behavior.

Infosys partners with CPG enterprises to navigate business challenges and implement direct to consumer commerce. We leverage automation tools to streamline sales, warehousing, logistics, and distribution of goods. Our cognitive computing algorithms consume diverse types of product and customer data to redefine shopping – from product discovery to order fulfillment. Further, our product recommendation engines share highly contextual content to grow the basket size.

Our offerings for the CPG industry are based on three principles:

  • Artificial Intelligence powered core: Modernizes existing business models and creates new revenue streams by transforming the value chain – from product development, packaging and promotion planning to pricing and inventory management
  • Agile digital at scale: Re-energizes core CPG processes with machine learning and data analytics, and services such as customer engagement, and HR with cognitive automation and microservices platforms
  • Always on learning: Accelerates the development of personalized products, distills customer insights with tools for social listening, and synchronizes online and in-store shopping experiences

Infosys partners with CPG enterprises to cultivate customer relationships, and amplify the technology core. Our digital ecosystem helps marketing teams design user experiences and create customized artifacts.

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