Uncertainty is the only certainty, this is especially true for companies in CPG and retail businesses sandwiched as they are between a challenging growth environment, supply side pressures, and demanding customers. Predictive and automation technology, cloud-powered services, and particular delivery methods can help generate savings that fuel organization’s investments and growth.

Cost takeout strategies are integral to the c-suite agenda as the aim is to drive financial efficiency and improve productivity without compromising consumer experience or quality. Operations processes can be streamlined, standardized, and modernized to generate real value for organizations.

Organizations can effectively reduce their costs while simultaneously improve business operations to invest and grow.

What is Strategic Cost Takeout?

Organizations can effectively reduce their costs while simultaneously improve business operations to invest and grow.


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Challenges & Solutions

Today's market conditions require organizations to constantly adapt to the dynamic demands of their customers and the ever-changing business landscape while staying ahead of competition. To counter these challenges organizations, need to leverage automation and artificial intelligence to become:

  • Cognitive: Where the operations are continually learning and improving.
  • Agile: Where the IT systems can re-engineer workloads and self-heal.
  • Cost-effective: Through optimal levels of automation.

Infosys' Cognitive First framework houses a powerful collection of use cases and solution accelerators that enable digital experiences and boost operational efficiencies. It is designed to positively impact cost, service, and experience across the value chain through a digital brain and a hyper-productive digital ecosystem. Infosys' Cognitive First Operations allows organizations to achieve efficiencies by automating routine tasks and optimizing decision-making processes.

The need for visibility across significant areas such as product sales, marketing, promotion, and pricing has made revenue growth management a top concern. Digital technology harnesses and harmonizes data for meaningful business insights, leverages econometric models that incorporate advanced algorithms for strategic pricing, and provides a user experience for sales and operations teams to make timely business decisions. In the short term, Infosys' Revenue Growth Management, guides tactical decisions on near-term pricing and product assortment, while in the long term, it drives sustainable profitable growth.

As pressures mount to keep up with technological advancements and changing customer demands, organizations realize the importance of infrastructure modernization. This is to take advantage of cost savings and enhanced capabilities cloud and as-a-service models can bring to organizations.

New and innovative engagement models including PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS, provide organizations with the flexibility and scalability needed. Through hyperscalers, homegrown IP solutions such as Infosys Cobalt, and Polycloud tools, organizations can accelerate their modernization journey through:

With accelerating technology cycles, it makes little commercial sense for enterprises to purchase hardware and software assets long-term. The Infosys asset takeover model allows clients to become “asset-lite” by purchasing assets and delivering back cost-effective commercial as-a-service frameworks. This model enables organizations to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise and resources of strategic partners for asset management.