The CPG industry is in the throes of significant changes induced by its three key stakeholders – consumers, suppliers and employees. The changes triggered by these stakeholders must be handled deftly for a CPG enterprise to be future-ready.

Clearly, digital technologies can significantly shape a CPG firm's growth, enhancing customer-centricity across the value chain and arming employees to handle the digital onslaught easily.

Infosys' Cognitive First framework is specifically built for forward-looking CPG organizations that look to cope with the dynamically altering market conditions while staying ahead of the competition. The framework houses a powerful collection of use cases and solution accelerators that enable digital experiences and boost operational efficiencies.

Cognitive First makes this possible by integrating data, ML, IoT, knowledge management and cognitive automation capabilities to amplify enterprise intelligence across the value chain.

Cognitive First framework is designed to positively impact cost, service and experience across the value chain through automation.

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Infosys' Cognitive First is armed with a solid framework that allows enterprises to master market changes and stay at the top of a heavily contested game.


Challenges & Solutions

CPG companies need to drive strategic priorities to achieve outperformance - accelerate organic growth on the top line, grow margins, and enhance return on capital employed.

Realisation of these strategic priorities will be largely driven by digital transformation of the business, propelled by a strong innovation engine.

Are the enterprises geared up to attain these goals?

The role of IT comes to the forefront as the organisation focuses on new markets, new products, and better customer experience.


A paradigm shift in IT is required to enable the organisation to realise its ambitions. The IT organisation and its operations will need to be:

  • Cognitive: Where the operations are continually learning and improving.
  • Agile: Where the IT systems can re-engineer workloads and self-heal.
  • Deliver superior experience: In a contextual manner; and
  • Cost effective: Through optimal levels of automation.

This is realised through introducing a Cognitive First Approach across the entire Value Chain.