The Infosys Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) practice offers advanced technology tools to deliver personalized shopping experiences. We help CPG manufacturers gain business insights into shopping behavior – what consumers are buying, when, where, why, and how. In addition, we help you listen to social conversations about your products and brands. Significantly, we monetize data by using these insights to enhance product development, post-sales support, and customer service.

Our experts ensure that the web and mobile infrastructure as well as digital assets address speed and usability requirements, while safeguarding data and complying with standards. Our digital strategies focus on performance during peak traffic. We offer cloud hosting and migration services to boost enterprise agility and flexibility. We integrate digital assets with traditional media and third-party applications to enable omni-channel customer engagement.

Our metrics-based approach to digital marketing maximizes returns. We standardize marketing processes and define performance parameters to facilitate real-time tracking of properties / spend and monitoring of campaigns. In addition, we streamline the ecosystem to ensure consistent messaging across business units, accelerate creation / update of digital content, and better manage partner agency services. Significantly, our digital marketing programs deliver a superior online experience and ensure business continuity.

We aggregate, analyze and convert customer / product data into marketing intelligence.

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Success story: Digital marketing platform reduces campaign lead time at Diageo

Our digital marketing solution helped Diageo reuse global assets and rationalize costs.

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Challenges & Solutions

Omni-channel marketing tools reach consumers directly and engage them meaningfully.

Advanced techniques evaluate the impact of advertising and targeted campaigns on product purchase.

Digital marketing platform simplifies management of digital assets and mobile properties.