Infosys IP gauges shopper intent to recommend products

Patents shape a personalized shopping experience

Retailers can deliver a personalized experience by helping shoppers finalize a shopping list, locate items, and benefit from product reviews. Trained sales personnel can help undecided shoppers, but they cannot cope up with the demand during peak hours. The Infosys Retail practice has patented recommendation systems that assist shoppers in real-time.

Our intuitive methods refine a shopping list by determining a category of interest - based on historical data, shopper profile, preferences, buying patterns, and / or product features extracted from an image. Our systems recommend alternative product(s) when an item in the shopping list is not available at the store. Our technique to provide a dynamic shopping path based on the shopping list, enables shoppers to access products, and complete shopping in the shortest possible time.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted patents to Infosys for an immersive shopping experience:

Methods, devices and non-transitory computer-readable media for augmented reality shopping
The augmented reality environment is enhanced by combining location-based information and social media. Our system allows shoppers to scan the visual code of a product (QR code or barcode) using a mobile device and evaluate reviews, feedback, and ratings on social media to make an informed purchase.

Methods, systems and computer-readable media for recommending a shopping path
Our invention assesses each item in a shopping list and recommends the shortest shopping path in the store – from the entrance to a billing counter.

System and method for providing intelligent recommendations
Our system predicts a shopper’s requirement by analyzing an image received from a webcam, digital camera, scanner, remote computing device, mobile device, or a storage drive. It provides recommendations by correlating products with features extracted from the image, including physical characteristics, facial features, location, patterns, shapes, aesthetics, furniture, furnishings, layout, colors, and dimensions.

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