Space management and optimization techniques to facilitate shopper-friendly merchandising

Infosys has patented space optimization techniques for retail and CPG enterprises

Retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies can enhance store, space, assortment, and merchandise planning with integrated resource-asset management and an enterprise data repository. However, third-party tools may not optimize space via planograms at a product, fixture, store, and cluster level. The Infosys Retail practice uses patented optimization techniques to plan, allocate, distribute, and display products for merchandisers and retailers.

Our automated optimization techniques maximize floor and shelf space, while developing visually appealing shelves to attract shoppers. Our scalable systems incorporate context-specific as well as context-agnostic business constraints, such as inventory, supply chain, labor, portfolio, product size, packaging, budget, promotions, and price - for macro and micro space optimization.

Our integrated store, assortment and space plans, help merchandisers plan and allocate space for items and product categories across formats, stores, and seasons. Templates and configurable rules maximize resource utilization across the merchandising cycle.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Infosys retail space management patents:

Simultaneous micro space and assortment optimization for products
What-if analysis refines assortment parameters, constraints and product attributes to improve optimization of product assortment and planograms for specific store / cluster, season, demographics, location, and fixture, etc.

Method and system for optimization of resources
Our flexible resources optimization method displays results in diverse 2D and 3D formats – spreadsheets, reports, flowcharts, planograms, graphs, diagrams, pictures, layouts, and assortment plans.

System and method for space and resource optimization
Our system automatically creates constraints and business rules from existing data, such as a planogram, floor plan, or point-of-sale.

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