The Infosys Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) practice offers trade promotion management and execution solutions to grow sales and increase profitability. Our closed loop system defines key metrics, monitors performance, senses demand, and accelerates response. It generates actionable insights for planning and managing diverse aspects – promotion, price, inventory, trade fund, supply chain, category, account, and customers.

Infosys helps CPG / Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies select products to promote, plan and execute trade promotions, and analyze performance. Our CPG-specific data model merges and harmonizes disparate data sets such as shipment, fund, settlement, syndicated sales data, and unstructured data. Further, our automation tools improve the accuracy of reporting and analysis by eliminating processing errors in sales and financial data.

We leverage proprietary artifacts for trade promotion management, including capability maturity model, process reference model, value diagram, personas across TPM roles, and preconfigured toolsets with promotion calendars, scorecards and what-if scenario builders. Our tools align internal and channel partners, and facilitate joint planning with retailers.

Our unified tools for reporting, modeling and analytics maximize investment in trade promotions.

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White paper: Rethink CPG

An incremental approach to innovation enables CPG enterprises to maximize business value from technology investment.

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Challenges & Solutions

Scalable, open architecture enables rapid integration with existing applications.

Robust monitoring and control systems streamline category management, trade promotion management, retail execution, and compliance.