Infosys - pladis Implements ML-driven Analytics to Achieve Improved Business Operations

pladis, a snacking company with leading brands such as McVitie’s, Ülker and Godiva, undertook analytics transformation to improve decision making as well as operations across the business – from R&D and demand forecasting to sales.

Haja Deen, Data and Analytics Director, discusses the business transformation journey with Ambeshwar Nath, SVP and Industry Head, EMEA, Infosys. The robust data foundation established by Infosys leverages analytics by reverse integrating consumer data into the enterprise, thereby allowing pladis to better serve customers.

Data is the glue that binds pladis, while analytics provides decision makers with business insights in a noisy environment, according to Haja. He discusses AI/ML-based proof of concepts co-created with Infosys for frictionless problem solving across business functions, including supply chain management.

A technologist and published author, Haja also highlights the importance of consistent, traceable, and trustworthy data in analytics initiatives, a product-driven approach to eliminate waste, and bridging the gap between business users and algorithms.

Data analytics is a key differentiator for pladis Global. Global Analytics Director Haja Deen talks about the journey for pladis and the business functions that benefit from data analytics. This discussion also touches on hyperinflation trends, the Infosys Data+AI Radar Report, Infosys TradeEdge, trusting the data, redefining the operating model, driving change and future skills.