Infosys Digital Brain suite mitigates supply chain disruption: HFS Research

Supply chain management solutions built on the Infosys Live Enterprise framework help retail and CPG enterprises respond to disruption, according to HFS Research.

The ‘digital brain’ of the solution empowers retailers to acquire Amazon-like capabilities even in legacy application environments. The HFS Research report showcases components of Infosys' 'Live' supply chain management solutions and demonstrates how the suite delivers value without overhauling retail and CPG processes -

  • Artificial intelligence enables autonomous planning, intelligent operations, and dynamic response to customer demand
  • Architecture framework breaks down silos in the supply chain and offers a real-time, end-to-end view of operations
  • Digital twin connects disparate points of interaction as well as stakeholders to predict issues and facilitate real-time intervention
  • Predictive analytics integrates data and guides decision making
  • Sentient layer ensures scalability and resilience

Download the exclusive HFS Research report.