’Our partnership transforms the customer experience’: LivePerson

LivePerson partners with Infosys to help brands have AI-powered conversations with their consumers, via messaging channels, as well as on websites and apps. Manlio Carrelli, EVP, Global Revenue Organization, and Alex Spinelli, Chief Technology Officer discuss how LivePerson's Conversational Cloud and AI – together with Infosys – transforms the customer experience.

The promise of conversational AI

Conversational AI lets consumers make purchases and get answers seamlessly and quickly. LivePerson enables brands to use Conversational AI to build direct, ongoing, personalized connections with consumers on the messaging channels they love using with family and friends. Brands already using LivePerson's Conversational Cloud have seen results including up to 10x online sales conversions versus traditional web sites.

Why is conversational AI relevant today?

We need better digital experiences with companies that we interface with every day, says Alex Spinelli, Chief Technology Officer, LivePerson. Legacy interfaces are ineffective, and conversational AI is the game-changing tech that can let brands hold genuine conversations with consumers, at scale and optimize them on an ongoing basis.

Why is there a surge in organizations adopting conversational AI?

The world communicates now primarily through messaging, not phone calls or in person, says Manlio Carrelli, EVP, Global Revenue Organization, LivePerson. The technology built by LivePerson makes it possible for AI to understand consumers’ natural language, then respond or route them to the right agent to handle their intent. What’s more, brands are starting to use conversational experiences not only for customer care, but also for sales and marketing use cases, which is driving further growth.

How will the LivePerson-Infosys 360-degree partnership stand out?

This partnership brings together a world-class conversational AI and commerce platform and a global technology and IT consulting organization. It enables LivePerson's Conversational Cloud technology and Infosys' commerce and marketing technologies to work together, helping clients move from outdated ways of engaging to AI-powered messaging experiences.

Why did LivePerson choose Infosys as a strategic partner?

Like LivePerson, Infosys also believes that AI-driven conversational experiences are the future of commerce. Infosys has the technological prowess and experience to scale up and meet the overwhelming demand for conversational experiences that consumers are asking for across the globe.

Scaling up with the experts

Enterprises can achieve scalability faster by partnering with industry experts with proven experience. Infosys’ thorough understanding of enterprise IT and cloud and LivePerson’s leadership in conversational AI and commerce can help any organization “go conversational.”

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