While the advent of new technologies has impacted industries globally, making the processes more sophisticated, certain complex manufacturing models remain bereft of a suitable manufacturing execution system (MES) that works best for them. Concerns about investment cost, flexibility, and complexity prevent highly complex manufacturing environments from adopting more sophisticated solutions.

A one-stop manufacturing solution which addresses the needs of engineering, execution, quality & reporting of a highly complex manufacturing environment.


Infosys’ manufacturing execution system presents a one-stop manufacturing solution to all the unique requirements of the industry. It enables you to manage your discrete manufacturing and quality transactions with the efficiency level of a best-of-breed MES product. Using this, your manufacturing engineers, production operators, production supervisors, and quality control managers can execute their roles most efficiently.

The solution also enables them to accurately report production and quality metrics as well as efficiency. Moreover, Infosys Manufacturing Execution System is not a standalone product – it integrates with Oracle Cloud. When required, it can work with multiple middleware tools such as Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) or Dell Boomi. This fully configurable platform as a service (PaaS) solution uses open-source technology, reducing the need for software licensing, and thereby costs for your business.


Challenges & Solutions

Seamless integration with Oracle Cloud ERP allows Infosys Manufacturing Execution System to provide your business a paperless manufacturing experience.

The solution enables your workforce to design and execute sequence of events with minimal dependency on other operations.

Leveraging Infosys Manufacturing Execution System, you can record quality with a single quality plan and enable reporting across multiple levels.