Infosys Stratos is a holistic business capability platform that drives digital transformation and value realization from core business systems on the cloud. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-based modular platform amplifies your competitive advantage by enhancing enterprise capabilities, maximizing in-house manufacturing, and supporting strategic outsourcing and sub-contracting decisions.

Our platform provides plug-and-play functionality for every sub-segment of the hi-tech industry, including original component manufacturers, fabless IP providers, semiconductor and original equipment manufacturers, integrated device manufacturers, component distributors, contract manufacturers, foundries, precision tooling companies, and materials suppliers.

The Infosys Stratos platform provides Lego-ized preconfigured solutions, pre-built connectors, and process flows that address white spaces in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems while de-risking adoption and ensuring as much as 30%-40% reusability. Our standardized platform supports Oracle Cloud products. Further, our managed services and subscription model significantly reduces total cost of ownership by allowing bundling of licenses and implementation services.

Infosys Stratos is powered by Infosys Cobalt, an ecosystem offering industry-specific assets and cloud solution blueprints for smooth migration of business applications to a multi-cloud environment. Our cloud integration includes adapters for:

  • Legacy enterprise apps and systems for label printing, order and trade management, and product lifecycle management.
  • Cloud apps for taxation, pricing, HR, and expense management
  • Third-party systems of banks, logistics and supply chain partners, and customers.

Infosys Stratos

Our platform incorporates data models, visualization tools and analytical dashboards that reduce cycle time for generating quotes by 10%-20%.

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The industry-specific constituents of our platform boost performance and deliver at least 30% savings in time and effort for Oracle cloud implementations.

Strategic tools

  • Process standardization and harmonization for master data consolidation
  • Playbook for data profiling and conversion improvement
  • Security and compliance framework
  • Business readiness assessment and cutover planning
  • Documentation of process flows and functional specifications across processes


  • Costing including update, roll-up, and revaluation
  • Tier pricing and royalty calculation based on shipment
  • Order maintenance and mass upload for backlog management
  • Purchase order maintenance, update, and closure
  • Sales status enquiry, notifications, and alerts

Pre-built core business capabilities

  • Collaborative supply chain planning
  • Collaborative engineering and product design
  • Supply chain and sourcing network optimization
  • Collaboration with 3PL logistics partners, carriers, and freight forwarders
  • Country enablement for market share and tax management

Innovation accelerators

  • ML-based predictive replenishment
  • Blockchain-based parts traceability
  • Intelligent contract management
  • ML-based sourcing decisions
  • AI-driven product positioning
  • Inventory optimization

Challenges & solutions

Digital brain drives process synchronization which facilitates smart bundling of products and services

Decommissioning of legacy applications boosts agility by eliminating operational challenges such as sub-optimal output, multiple points of failure, and inflexibility

Ready-to-deploy adapters for integration with cloud and on-premises systems of partners enable co-development of business expansion plans