The Infosys Logistics practice undertakes a digital transformation to enhance capabilities for rapid cargo delivery and organic revenue growth. Our digital solutions improve the distribution network, last mile service, customer experience, and supply chain execution. Our approach transforms logistics service providers into data-first enterprises capitalizing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics.

Our cloud-based data mining tools and analytics systems harvest and convert near real-time data into business insights for decision support and performance evaluation. Further, our simulation models and AI algorithms consume geospatial, customer, supply chain, and third-party data to recommend the next course of action, be it for customer interaction, supply chain planning, or yard management.

Digital technologies enable standardization, ensuring accuracy as well as consistency in service. We integrate digital platforms, business processes, mobile applications, and enterprise services for cross-channel and cross-functional visibility. In addition, we embed Internet of Things (IoT) devices to develop self-monitoring transportation fleets. We also enhance fleets with autonomous vehicles, adaptive cruise control, and interactive navigation systems.

Our blockchain solutions streamline data management and increase visibility into shipments. The decentralized public ledger provides ready access to relevant information – stakeholders, product, origin, destination, current location, date, order rate, and shipping instructions. The ecosystem ensures accountability and data security, while rationalizing costs and eliminating data latency.


Challenges & Solutions

Digital ecosystem boosts flexibility and enables mode-agnostic operations through auto-selection of the most cost-effective transportation method for consignments.

Blockchain technology enhances supply chain transparency, thereby mitigating risks.

On-demand data access and chatbots minimize human intervention for a superior customer experience.