The Infosys Logistics practice enables intermodal, multimodal, trucking, and drayage service providers to address growth in shipment volumes. We boost intermodal shipping performance by streamlining the management of trade contracts and improving interoperability of assets – containers, tank containers and chassis. It helps asset-based, asset-light, and non-asset operators bundle services by seamlessly linking railroad, truck, aircraft, inland waterway, and maritime shipping in freight contracts.

Our digital tools recommend the most cost-effective combination of modes based on delivery / order terms, distance and commodity, among other criteria. Dashboards with drill-down capabilities enable intermodal dispatch teams to re-plan routes for industrial and commercial consignments and mitigate transportation / trade / contract risks. Further, data harvesting from diverse assets and systems drives predictive analytics and machine learning to improve reliability, ensure safety, and minimize the carbon footprint.

Infosys implements blockchain technology solutions to capture and track data of individual loads and shipments, en-route events, and freight bills. It also serves as proof of delivery and payment. Secure documentation of the shipping process minimizes processing time and rationalizes administration costs, while supporting multi-tenant carriage contract management as well as trade compliance.


Challenges & Solutions

Digital solutions and blockchain networks focus on granular visibility into intermodal / multimodal operations and trade.

Visual display of cargo on GPS maps helps predict estimated time of arrival (ETA) and define a buffer period for each carrier in a shipment.

Big data analytics and artificial intelligence-driven models detect and plug revenue leakage, while maximizing the utilization of intermodal nodes.