The Infosys Logistics practice offers digital solutions to streamline shipping for courier and parcel express service providers. Our applications span account, data, payment, logistics, fleet management, and documentation. Ready access to harmonized codes, safety regulations, and customs tariff classification enables individual shippers, medium-sized businesses and enterprises to select the most appropriate postal / courier service.

Our data-first ecosystem supports new business models to maximize return on logistics assets despite the decline in snail-mail services. Our web-based routing and delivery planning solutions drive revenue growth through last mile services for retail, food services, and other B2C enterprises.

Infosys Nia transforms contact center operations using an artificial intelligence-driven digital assistant. It resolves queries related to document preparation and tracking, pickup and delivery, and packaging and labeling. It complements automated mobile / email delivery notification systems by providing actionable information about shipments, bills and return packages.


Challenges & Solutions

Self-service tools help customers find solutions and select the most suitable postal / parcel service.

Online tools provide a quote, including duties and taxes, and the expected delivery time for shipment.

Purpose-built software solutions meet specific requirements, drive smarter operations, and minimize risks.