The Infosys Logistics practice offers digital solutions for global trade management. We combine automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and machine learning to manage long-term freight orders, warehouse lease agreements, and labor contracts. Automated trade management processes help railroad networks, shipping lines and 3PL providers boost productivity as well as working capital utilization, while reducing unit handling and administration costs.

Our AI-powered global trade management tools ensure accurate trade forecasting, and identification of trade risks. It replaces risk projections based on historical data with scenario simulation using near real-time data, which ensures effective responses. Infosys Nia, an AI-powered chatbot, extracts content from contracts and legal documents, and offers contextual responses to queries.

Infosys leverages Optical Character Recognition (OCR), audio / video processing, and image / text analytics for statutory compliance and prevention of fraud. We consolidate freight orders to enable safe handling in multimodal transport while complying with guidelines for carriage equipment length, prohibitory orders or mode-specific regulations. Further, e-filing accelerates customs procedures.


Challenges & Solutions

Supply chain experts reconfigure / reengineer processes for a holistic view of potential internal dysfunction and extraneous trade risks.

Knowledge models curate legal contracts, labor rules, exceptions, and resolutions, and automatically update labor records and enterprise systems to manage contracts.

Knowledge portals empower employees with ready access to world trade agreements, country-specific customs regulations, trade routes, and financial and physical trade barriers between countries.