The Infosys Logistics practice optimizes warehouse and cargo management for multimodal service providers, airlines, shipping lines, and port terminal operators. We reengineer legacy Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) of logistics enterprises to enhance visibility, ensuring seamless freight movement from the point of origin to destination. Our cloud solutions streamline loading / unloading and enable prompt reporting of loss or damage to consignments.

Infosys focuses on productivity and efficiency in material handling, which rationalizes costs and reduces turnaround time at warehouses. We incorporate scheduling capabilities in WMS solutions for integrated logistics management. Our approach maximizes return on investment by boosting resource utilization, eliminating safety hazards, and increasing warehouse throughput. Automated scanning, voice integration, and tracking technologies enhance sorting, stacking and retrieval of pallets / containers.

Our digital WMS solutions ensure compliance with regulations for product safety and warehouse hygiene. We use IoT sensors to monitor the temperature / humidity in warehouses and distribution hubs. Data is uploaded in real time to centralized enterprise systems. Any anomaly is automatically notified to warehouse personnel. The advanced system eliminates waste as well as liabilities due to improper handling or storage.


Challenges & Solutions

Digital processes and distributed ledgers eliminate paper-based documentation, ensuring data and shipment accuracy.

Real-time inventory update improves customer service by accelerating process workflow.

Customized warehouse management systems support RFID scanners, IoT sensors, robotic automation, and wearable devices.