The Infosys Logistics practice offers digital solutions that empower third-party logistics (3PL) service providers to better manage the lifecycle of orders and shipments. Our consolidated systems streamline planning and execution of domestic and international shipments. Granular visibility across the enterprise helps aggregate orders, maximize capacity utilization, and negotiate freight rates with carriers.

Infosys automates freight management, enabling auto-matching of freight bills with payments by shippers. We implement a blockchain network to share real-time supply chain data with stakeholders. It ensures a singular path of information, which enables accurate and consistent exchange of shipment data. The blockchain eliminates delays and errors, fosters standardization, and minimizes fraud. The auditable trail of surcharges, discounts and payments simplifies reporting. Significantly, it provides a transparent mechanism for dispute resolution and accelerates claims settlement.

Our digital learning modules span global banking practices, domestic customs rules for export and import, international shipping regulations, and universal usage in trade contracts such as the International Commercial Terms (Incoterms). Our tools encourage logistics professionals to track metrics, and take proactive action.


Challenges & Solutions

Digital ecosystem for safe deliveries as well as cost-effective services.

Rich experience in logistics, inventory and supply chain management solutions for industries, including agriculture, automotive, retail, food distribution, and oil and gas.

Knowledge repositories address documentation requirements of local and global sales contracts as well as compliance reporting.