The Infosys Logistics practice streamlines supply chain operations by leveraging advanced technologies and data analytics. Our cloud-hosted planning and scheduling solutions address pickup and delivery constraints in urban as well as remote locations. We design the logistics supply chain by taking into account the unbalanced volume in bi-directional freight movement. It reduces dead mileage, while enabling effective management of reusable packaging, containers and pallets.

Our mobile solutions update order and shipment data in real time, which facilitates bundling, sorting and deliveries. Asset tracking solutions and image processing eliminate errors in shipments. Further, it accelerates material handling and inventory reconciliation by automating entry of label data and matching of shipping documents.

Infosys implements IoT applications to develop world-class cold chains. Our alert mechanism notifies stakeholders in the logistics ecosystem when the humidity, temperature, vibration, or other criteria of perishable or fragile goods breach threshold levels. Predictive analytics enable preventive action to minimize damage during transportation and storage.

We ensure traceability across the supply chain by using blockchain technology. A distributed ledger enables shipping and logistics networks to share documentation securely, prior to delivery. It helps shippers, freight forwarders and agents initiate customs clearance formalities during transit. Accurate documentation expedites verification processes on arrival of cargo.


Challenges & Solutions

Rich experience in integrated supply chain solutions for diverse products, including liquid cargo, automobiles, project equipment, and perishable goods.

Flexible supply chain framework adapts to specific customer and product requirements.

Circular supply chain enhances customer service and drives sustainable operations.