The Infosys Logistics practice helps rail / road companies, marine carriers, terminal operators, and multimodal service providers ensure sustainable operations. Our digital Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) solutions focus on social responsibility as well as regulatory compliance for logistics enterprises.

We help logistics enterprises adopt safety standards and comply with environmental guidelines of industry / accreditation bodies, including Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It ensures safe transportation of hazardous materials and safety at the workplace.

Infosys EHS solutions incorporate best practices to mitigate health and safety risks. We assign responsibilities and accountability across roles in risk management and compliance programs, which supports performance monitoring and accident prevention. Our predictive analytics models offer insights to improve occupational health and safety, warehouse operations, and transit management.

We offer e-learning solutions for employee training, community awareness, outreach services, and emergency planning. Our solutions encourage reuse of packaging materials and recycling, while developing workforce skills for ‘green’ logistics.


Challenges & Solutions

Automated data validation and review identify and fix root causes of incidents, hazards and risks, while enabling continuous improvement of control mechanisms.

Dashboards and reporting tools provide real-time visibility into sustainability criteria such as energy / fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and waste.

Digital tools drive zero-waste operations while boosting productivity.