The Infosys Logistics practice partners with ocean freight carriers and port terminal operators to address the challenges of maritime commerce. We replace labor-intensive processes with automation, wireless tracking, built-in monitoring, and artificial intelligence-driven planning. Further, we implement identity management systems for secure access to physical and IT infrastructure.

Infosys develops digital solutions to trace the journey of each consignment from the depot to the shipping dock / bonded warehouse and delivery at the final destination by using the most appropriate tracking method – Internet of Things (IoT) and GPS technology when the location needs to be continuously monitored and Bluetooth / Near-field communication tags when asset detection is sufficient. Tracking ensures that cargo is loaded / offloaded correctly, and empty containers are returned for door-to-door shipments.

Our web portals enable personnel to enter, extract and visualize data from integrated logistics management systems. It accelerates harbor operations, security inspection and customs clearance. In addition, it facilitates collaboration between stakeholders for stowage planning and optimization. Our data solutions enable real-time status update and data integrity. Accurate data for supply chain analytics improves logistics operations, reduces the carbon footprint, and rationalizes costs.


Challenges & Solutions

Intranet portals enable real-time transfer of operational data to backend systems for superior logistics management.

In-vehicle communication devices empower managers to monitor activities, notify changes in schedules, and monitor resources in the yard.

Dashboards provide a consolidated view of heavy equipment drivers, crane operators, cargo, containers, and vessels, ensuring speedy dispatch of personnel and accurate loading / unloading.