The AWS Cloud Platform Engineering extends the Infosys Cloud Platform Engineering offering by leveraging AWS native capabilities such as AWS Control Tower, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS CloudFormation.

Our approach delivers:

  • A secure cloud platform conforming to industry and regulatory compliance requirements achieved through the implementation of AWS Control Tower
  • A catalog and AWS Cloud Platform Engineering provisioning API to empower developers to create resources with AWS Service Catalog, AWS CloudFormation, and more through self-service
  • An integrated dashboard with automated real-time policy management using AWS Config
  • An operations dashboard to provide visibility into application and system performance, and a view into SLA adherence through AWS Systems Manager, Amazon CloudWatch, and more
  • An integrated governance dashboard to deliver financial, technical, policy, and security governance in the cloud

The AWS Cloud Platform Engineering services are delivered through a self-service portal or an API / CLI experience that provides provisioning, orchestration, configuration, catalog experience, version control, observability, management, and security with AWS ‘Management and Governance’ services. This is complemented by Control Tower, Systems Manager, Config, CloudFormation, OpsWorks and works seamlessly with other open-source services.

The AWS Cloud Platform implementation is enriched with assets from Infosys Cobalt, including reference architectures that embed AWS best practices. Our implementations leverage our vast experience from over 300 client engagements, pre-configured implementation templates, and over 150+ enterprise-ready catalog items for provisioning that cover over 100 AWS cloud services. These assets are a part of the Infosys Cobalt Store and are tried and validated for most common industry compliance requirements.

Our services cover both Day 1 (build) and Day 2 (Operations) on the cloud and are built around AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, addressing the needs of basic and advanced cloud operations.

  • Compliance:
    • Adhere to industry standards and automate ongoing policy management using AWS Control Tower, AWS config
    • Use AWS Systems Manager to maintain security and compliance by scanning cloud instances against patching, configuration, and custom policies
  • Life Cycle:
    • Centrally manage IT service lifecycle
    • Quickly find and deploy approved IT services
  • Automation:
    • Automate operational tasks via AWS Systems Manager to improve efficiency through automated workflows and runbooks
    • Automate provisioning and deployment in a controlled manner by using AWS CloudFormation and incorporate DevOps best practices to meet safety, compliance, and configuration standards
  • Configuration Management:
    • Monitor and record configuration changes using AWS config, along with audit
    • Assess overall compliance for the cloud landscape
    • Utilize AWS Service Catalog as a centralized repository for collecting and managing the application resources on AWS
  • Change Management:
    • Minimize the impact of change by using AWS config for tracking relationships among resources and review resource dependencies before the change

Driving Innovation with Resilient AWS Cloud Platform Services: Infosys Cobalt Approach

  • Self-service with native AWS toolset experience, bringing in a secure, cost-effective, scalable, and repeatable model of service delivery
  • Empowering developers and reducing friction between application development, platform engineering, and operation teams with AWS developer services
  • Simplify technical complexity, implement governance, and deliver everything as code (Infrastructure, Configuration, Policy, Security, and more) with rich AWS ‘Management and Governance’ services
  • Ensure high repeatability with reduced errors

Challenges & Solutions

Use relevant Infosys Cobalt assets that are built with AWS Control Tower to simplify the deployment of a multi-account architecture. This follows the well-architected framework with security and compliance best practices.

Our approach is to create a service catalog and seamlessly embed all controls through automation. We further make them available to developers through the AWS service catalog or AWS CodePipeline.

We deliver cloud platforms built using ready-to-deploy catalogs developed using AWS CloudFormation that are part of Infosys Cobalt assets. We use AWS Config to adopt Infrastructure-as-Code and Policy-as-code for consistent configuration, auditing, and policy drift management.