Digital transformation with the cloud requires developers to have unhindered access to cloud resources for both ‘cloud-native’ and ‘traditional’ applications for speed in delivery and resilience in operations.

Infosys Cloud Platform engineering services streamline functioning between the infrastructure, platform, and developer teams in a global enterprise by building a secure cloud foundation. Access to cloud resources is enabled via an ‘engineering and automation centric’ approach through the ‘public cloud-like’ portal or API/ CLI experience. All enterprise controls are seamlessly embedded as guard rails within the construct of infrastructure as code and policy as code.

Codified infra delivered through ‘Engineered Cloud Platform’ to empower developers to build & run cloud apps


Our approach to engineering cloud platform delivers:

  • Secure Cloud Platform – All industry and regulatory compliance are implemented
  • Catalog and Provisioning API – Developers are empowered to create resources
  • Operations Dashboard – Provides visibility into application performance and SLA adherence by the application team
  • Observability API – Access to operational data and insights for SREs to automate and operate in a resilient manner
  • Governance Dashboard – Integrated dashboard to deliver financial, technical, policy, and security governance in the cloud.

To deliver automation, the platform uses wide-ranging technologies across various disciplines such as provisioning, orchestration, configuration, catalog experience, version control, observability, management, and security from Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), leading technology vendors, and the open source.

Infosys can help accelerate the establishment of a cloud foundation with its vast set of assets from the Cobalt asset store. These assets help in the creation of a rich services catalog and drive continuous innovation for enterprise clients. These battle-tested assets include 150+ catalog items that are abstracted at the infrastructure, application platform, and environment levels and are pre-configured and validated for most common industry compliance requirements.

Our approach provides clear benefits:

  • Simplifies technical complexity of multiple CSPs, implements governance, embeds observability, and manageability
  • Automates the cloud foundation build and makes it configurable, aligns with best practices of CSPs, and meets with industry security compliance needs
  • Provides a rich catalog that is codified and ready to use as APIs, or can be customized
  • Opinionated solution stack (for observability, security, management, SDLC processes) with pre-evaluated tools that provides out-of-the-box enterprise-grade integration

Challenges & Solutions

Our approach is to create a service catalog and seamlessly embed automation in all controls and make them available to the developer as API/ through a developer portal

We engineer the cloud platform with our assets built on industry-leading open source tools and CSP tools for provisioning and configuration management. Infosys Cobalt Store houses vast assets which are ready-to-deploy catalog items available to the customers. They can also leverage 3rd party repository of assets, either through open source or from the subscriptions built into the catalog.

We recommend engineering the cloud platform in a cloud-agnostic manner, to ensure seamless working across CSPs based on the requirements of the applications. However, even when leveraging the unique capabilities of one CSP, the platform can still add value through seamless implementation of enterprise controls.