Azure Services

With Azure, Infosys provides complete range of services for cloud transformation and operations. The services offered include

Cloud Advisory Services

  • Cloud Strategy – establishing the vision and goals for digital transformation. Preparing the platform strategy which includes service choice, foundation design, security framework, architecture standards, guiding principles and reference architecture for effective cloud adoption.
  • Adoption strategy - includes discovery, assessment and cloud disposition, defining delivery model, process and tools such as DevOps. Operate Strategy which comprises of operating model, roles and responsibilities, skills, service catalog, SLA management, finance management. Creation of roadmap for migration, capability building, business case for transformation and establishing cloud transformation office to govern & execute the transformation.
  • Cloud Transformation Office – well-defined program execution and governance structure covering program execution control, vendor management, change management, technology CoE, budget planning and allocation, and benefits tracking.

Core SI Service Offering - Cloud Build, Adopt & Operate Services

  • Cloud Platform Engineering – building the cloud foundation in deployment zones, creation of cloud management platform with catalog based self-service capabilities, automation for orchestration services to provision, configure and deploy resources, DevOps services for developer productivity, integration platform for intra application, inter application and partner integration, a robust security platform ensuring compliance and a cloud control plane to manage the runtime characteristics.
  • Cloud Migration Services – moving the existing workloads to the cloud adopting 7R disposition model (re-host, remediate, re-platform, refactor, re-architect, retain, retire). The migration is accelerated with Infosys cloud workload migration solution suite. We have vast experience and proven expertise in migrating and modernizing web application workloads to Azure App Services. With our industry recognized cloud migration framework and deep focus on Security and DevOps, we have the expertise to streamline the migration of on-premise Web Apps, Workloads, and Data to Microsoft Azure.
  • Mainframe Modernization Services – re-hosting mainframe workloads on Cloud or reengineering the application to cloud, aided by powerful reverse engineering and forward engineering toolset (Cobol to containers).
  • Cloud Native Development Services – adopting domain driven design, 12 factor application principles developing cloud native (micro services) application for the digital transformation. The services are accelerated through prebuilt solutions like domain specific micro services repository, Infosys DevOps platform.
  • Cloud Managed Services – business service assurance centric cloud operations, ensuring the service availability, performance, operational & security controls aligning with ITIL processes and industry specific compliance needs. Engineering approach to operations with continued cost optimization, new service introduction and service improvement.

NextGen Offerings

  • Hybrid Cloud Platform Engineering – synergizing the IT lifecycle in a hybrid/ multi cloud environment from provisioning to decommissioning with consistent experience for developers and operators alike.
  • Next Gen Platform Technology – Helping rapid adoption of platform technologies such as container management, service mesh, and service identities. As a preferred transformation partner for global clients, Infosys provides focused service offerings, under Infosys Cobalt, for cloud native application development. This includes legacy apps containerization, decomposition of monolith application to microservices, and greenfield application development with micro services for new and emerging business capabilities. Infosys leverages Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Azure Dev Spaces, Service Fabric, Container Registry and an extensive set of Azure PaaS services to build and run ‘Cloud native’ applications. Integral to the agile delivery strategy, Infosys adopts Azure DevOps to deliver high velocity releases, build resilient operations in an SRE model, and to collaborate with business – from concept to product – leveraging an MVP approach.