The core objective of digital transformation for enterprises is to provide services with superior efficiency, performance, availability, and resiliency. The capabilities of the applications and platform include

  • Consistent experience for global customer base
  • Continuous monitoring for service levels and user experience
  • Tracking failures and faster recovery for outage or service disruptions
  • Ensure business continuity and application resiliency at optimal cost

Infosys Cobalt has a prescriptive approach to build and optimize fault tolerant systems and includes a set of reference architectures, technology partner ecosystem and pre-built solutions as blueprints, code snippets and more.

The solution stack contains:

  • Reference architecture for globally distributed deployment of applications, providing tolerance to regional failures
  • Deployment strategy for enhanced customer response with localized routing of traffic
  • Architecture & design for load distribution and balancing, component level failure and recoverability
  • Automation for consistent deployment with required controls, ability to reconstruct the environment with automation should the need arise

Infosys delivers resilient cloud platform powered by AWS, adopting the AWS Well-Architected Framework and best practices.


AWS services that are leveraged to build the architecture include:

  • AWS organizations encapsulate the boundaries of business processes and applications for better controls implementation
  • Local POP, AWS CloudFront, and global routing with Route 53 to ensure the shortest path to the region where the workloads are running
  • Multi-AZ deployment of application and components within the region with AWS global load balancers and application load balancers, to address components level failures and local data center failures
  • Multi-region deployment in AWS using geographically balanced infrastructure for better customer experience in each region, with ability to failure over across regions, to manage eventualities in a region
  • AWS control tower to automate the entire cloud platform and landing zone deployment, with necessary controls and governance
  • Strengthen incident management and recovery process and achieve best resilience and availability with thorough planning and periodic testing using AWS Resilience Hub

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Cobalt reference architecture for highly resiliency systems embeds the best practices as defined by AWS and experience from over 300+ clients. The solution works out of the box and guides through the implementation journey with prescriptive steps

Infosys Cobalt engineering assets have deployment architecture patterns and automation kit for most of the common workloads in the enterprises across data stacks, application runtimes and more. The stacks are created with AWS IaaS services and AWS PaaS services for 3-tier architectures, event driven architectures, data ingestion and analytics applications, for multi-AZ and multi-region deployments.

Infosys adopts chaos engineering as part of platform engineering and operations to continuous evaluate the system capability to manage disturbances and failures and its recoverability to restore the services back with minimal disruptions. These are implemented using AWS fault injection simulator.