As enterprises accelerate their digital transformation, the cloud is proving to be an integral part of that roadmap to achieve scale and agility. SAP applications form the core of most business IT environments. Moving such business-critical applications to the cloud requires a strong partner with the right experience and the tools to enable a smooth journey.

Infosys SAP on AWS, part of Infosys Cobalt, enables a secure and risk-free transition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – from planning and execution to managed services.

    Infosys SAP on AWS offerings include:
  • SAP S/4HANA transformation on AWS (greenfield, brownfield, or bluefield)
  • Suite on HANA migration to AWS
  • SAP workload migration on AnyDB to AWS
  • SAP Managed Cloud-as-a-Service

Looking to migrate your SAP landscape to AWS?


Infosys is a Premier Consulting Partner of AWS. We help transform clients’ business models leveraging the combined power of SAP solutions, AWS services, Infosys Live Enterprise suite, and Infosys Cobalt.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys helps identify and chart out a tailored transition to AWS uniquely suited to the specific requirements of each organization using the Infosys Value Realization Methodology (VRM) and tools like Infosys S/4Assist. Infosys and AWS offer technical assessment services to create your cloud adoption roadmap.

Using the Infosys iCloud discovery service, we help create an inventory of the client's SAP landscape and plan the path to AWS. The Infosys Cobalt migration library and IDEA-ACTIVATE methodology ensure a predictable project outcome. The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent approach for customers to evaluate architectures and implement scalable designs. Using AWS services like Quick Start and Launch Wizard, SAP applications can be deployed with speed and accuracy to accelerate migration.

Infosys Cobalt Cloud Support Library is a set of tools and processes that continuously monitors and improves operations. Tools like Infosys ValuePLUS and BOM Optimizer provide cost benefits via automation and optimization. The SAP Lens for AWS Well-Architected Framework is a real-life collection of best practices that drive efficiency and cost optimization. SAP Solution Manager coupled with AWS Data Provider for SAP provides intelligent insights to improve the platform architecture.