Being AI-first Starts at Home

Infosys is paving the way for an AI-first world by unlocking decades worth of data within the organization.

In this video, Rafee Tarafdar, CTO, Infosys says, “If we know how to be AI-first within Infosys, we can help our customers get there, too.”

Almost every department in Infosys is AI-enabled. AI-assistant generated code cuts development time by days and is 80% more effective. Ansa, Specialist Programmer, says AI-first frees up time to focus on creative solutioning. AI is being leveraged at Infosys for application maintenance, transformation projects, and to drive efficiency in energy and water usage across campuses.

Syed, Senior Industry Principal, remarks on how AI provides the power to personalize campaigns for maximum reach. By harnessing the collective knowledge latent in the organization, Infosys aims to amplify the potential of employees and unlock value to create exponential impact for businesses worldwide.


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