Infosys partnered with BMG to navigate through the digital disruption journey by monetizing data

BMG - A new music company for a new world, a new world which demands that deals are transparent and fair; a new world in which service to artists and writers is the key. It is the only significant international company to combine publishing and recordings under one roof.

Early visibility of sales to business is the key in BMG business decisions. To get to that, BMG wanted to extend the visibility about their royalty earnings to their clients which could be achieved through regular interim royalty runs. BMG partnered with Infosys to build the data lake and replace the existing COTS complex royalty processing platform with the modern royalty engine based on cutting-edge big data technologies. Their objective has been to make data available to readily consumable by businesses for their decision-making, and to build a robust, flexible, scalable, faster and auditable royalty platform.

In this video, Gaurav Mittal, VP IT and Systems, BMG, certified how they could leverage Infosys technology and its talents to help them in their digital disruption journey. Infosys is a partner of and a system integrator for BMG. It has helped BMG in replacing the existing COTS product which is not capable enough to scale-up for the growing data volumes, with the modern royalty engine based on cutting-edge big data technologies. BMG takes pride in marketing Infosys internally within BMG, since, Infosys aligns with their fairness, transparency and service principal of delivering best worldwide.