“Infosys’ Analytics Practice Aims to Bridge Business Needs & AI-Related Technical Services”: A blog by NelsonHall

Dominique Raviart, IT Services Practice Director at NelsonHall has published a blog on the Infosys Data and Analytics practice titled “Infosys’ Analytics Practice Aims to Bridge Business Needs & AI-Related Technical Services”. In the blog, Dominique talks about how we are expanding our portfolio from technology services to be more business focused and making analytics more relevant to business needs. The blog also points to how we are enabling verticalization in the form of solutions, blueprints and AI, and also how we are investing in AI use cases.

Some of the key highlights from the blog are:

  • Infosys’ Data and Analytics (DNA) practice continues to enhance its portfolio, expanding from technical services to business services, and segments its portfolio around three themes — Modernize, Monetize and Network
  • DNA is using analytics to help clients improve operations to grow revenues, drive operation efficiency and meet GDPR compliance
  • Verticalization continues to be a priority, with DNA having created multiple software-based solutions for the different sectors it covers. DNA drives its verticalization effort with Infosys’ vertical units and produces either standalone accelerators or solutions
  • AI continues to be a significant driving force behind Infosys overall and DNA in particular
  • Expect DNA to invest more in making data big and AI technology usage more accessible to non-specialists, while continuing to work with their business groups to make analytics more relevant to business needs