Media world is going through many shifts with rapid digitalization, varied preferences by subscribers, digital business model with increasing regulatory focus on information privacy and security. The impact on companies generating billions of dollars in revenue through publishers and advertisers by heavily relying on third-party data is significant as it is a crucial part of ad targeting and measurement techniques.

For advertisers and ad tech companies, the lack of third-party cookies means that they will have to rely on other methods of tracking and targeting users, such as first-party data, contextual targeting, and new technologies like Google's Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). This is a challenging scenario that is unfolding, but also unveils a once in generation opportunity to leverage the connected eco-system to understand the subscriber and drive the targeted outcomes with AI/ML and Generative AI capabilities.

Infosys Media AI cloud focusses on leveraging the 1st party data to generate actionable insights for driving key business outcomes such as improving advertising revenue, increase subscriber base, subscriber retention, content recommendation and data monetization. This is critical for Media industry with the growing data and privacy concerns which will make it difficult to leverage cookie data and 3rd party data.


  • Smart media & First Party Data.
  • Unification of Consumer Data
  • Precision with Personalization
  • Media Attribution
  • Reach & Frequency Measurement.

Scale adoption

Scale adoption
  • Scaling intelligence in Marketing
  • Siloed Data and marketing Tech
  • Data Privacy / Security & Cookie less.
  • Siloed Publishers
  • Non-working Media spend.




  • Unified subscriber profile
  • Unified response model with micro measurement
  • Precision and personalization journey.

Enable Publishers to be customer-centric with Infosys Media AI Cloud


Infosys Media AI cloud provides a unified framework for collecting, connecting, and harnessing the knowledge to generate actionable insights and recommended actions based on the signals received from Publisher Ecosystem. This platform will help solve many publisher pain points such as subscriber growth, subscriber retention, increasing ad revenue and leveraging the connected capabilities of publisher ecosystem through monetization opportunities and cross-references.

Infosys Media AI Cloud platform harnesses capabilities of AI/ML based processing driven by Infosys Topaz platform to generate actionable recommendations with continuous learning abilities. The solution also leverages Databricks features such as data tagging, cataloging for ontology maintenance and data governance.


Challenges & Solutions

Leverage 1st party data which is collected with the consent of subscriber

Infosys solution enables stitching together of Unified Subscriber picture by harmonizing data across multiple channels through innovative algorithms

Helps identify the reasons and recommends corrective actions for retaining subscribers

Provides actionable insights and recommendations along with integrated framework for initiating actions leveraging AI/ML algorithms.