Infosys Genome Solution helps your enterprise anticipate customer needs to inspire better customer experience. The solution leverages the power of next-generation analytics platforms to help clients monetize their data assets.

Anticipate needs and inspire customer experience across their omnichannel journey with Infosys Genome Solution

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The Genome Solution enables enterprises across industries, leverage the power of analytics to provide end-customers with highly personalized experiences. The solution helps enterprises capture a customer’s behavior across channels such as digital, social, offline and data residing within the enterprise, and collate it based on behavioral attributes (genomes). With over 5,000 prefabricated customer genomes, the solution helps enterprises optimize data preparation and analysis time – freeing up 80% of time used to prepare the data, thereby significantly enhancing the time available to analyze the data. It also creates a foundation for predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive persona-based contextual insights.


Challenges & Solutions

Build an open source data platform that seamlessly integrates with cloud or hybrid infrastructure of the enterprise, to provide seamless access across data sources.

Build a 80/20 rule by optimizing data preparation and analysis

Build a boundary-less data platform that delivers self-service analytics