Infosys Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is evolving rapidly and these forces are shaping the future:

  • AI-fueled content intelligence will drive customer experiences: Marketers need to understand the huge volume of both structured and unstructured data to make informed and right marketing decisions. Hence they are rapidly moving from one dimensional analytics solutions to AI driven content intelligence solutions that can help determine which potential actions are being driven by content at each stage of the end customer’s journey.
  • Marketing will move beyond Mobile to the IoT Devices: IoT will provide incredible opportunities for enterprises to communicate directly with their customers. Anything connected to the internet could be an avenue for customer engagement. Marketers will move beyond traditional digital devices like mobiles to channels like cars and refrigerator monitors as possible touch points.
  • Emergence of fully automated, ‘Always-on’ marketing: Marketers need to send the right message to the right customers at the right moment and today, this process needs to be automated to maximize output.
  • 'Micro-moments' will be the norm, with customer uniqueness driven by nano-segmentation: Micro-moments occur when customers turn to their device with a specific intention. And that is where marketers need to understand each customer’s needs and resort to very focused and targeted marketing.

Infosys partners with enterprises and enables them to adopt to these changes.

Our Digital Marketing service offering helps enterprises build deeper customer relationships by providing contextualized and personalized experiences, analytics-driven data intelligence for insights-driven action, and faster and optimized execution of digital programs for superior ROI. We work with CMOs to solve problems related to customer experience, campaign management, personalization, search and analytics and marketing operations. We provide innovative solutions at every step in the marketing journey. We have helped clients increase conversions, reduce turnaround times, increase customer advocacy, and reduce revenue leakage.